7. High performance foil transportation system VACUFOIL
The patented VACUFOIL foil transportation system makes it possible to use large diameter foil reels (up to 400 mm on a 76 mm core / 15.7” on a 3” core) at maximum production speed – and with maximumfull foil advance over the complete foiling area - without any limitation to the running performance.

8. Unique substrate feeding device
The dedicated substrate feeding device incorporated in the ROFO 450 allows integration of the system at various positions in all kinds of web-fed systems: the system can run with rotary, semi rotary, or combination drive web presses.

9. Technology  for positioning of holograms
For the application of registered single-image holograms or registered / unregistered stripes for the high security and brand protection industries. Gietz is a well-established and proven supplier of industry leading technologies in this field.

10. Core competence and service life
Gietz machines are first and foremost designed as foil stamping and embossing systems. User experiences with more than 600 machines worldwide have been consistently incorporated and integrated into their design and improvement. A Gietz is a Gietz: it foils stamps and embosses giving the highest quality, often for more than 20 years before requiring the first overhaul.

11. Price / Performance ratio
The very highest stamping quality, maximum production speed, extremely long service life and reliability. A Gietz machine is well worth its price.

12. Top products for professionals
Foil stamping machines from Gietz are recognized by printers worldwide as industrial leading products from professionals for professionals.