6. Longitudinal and transverse foil feed / Up to 11 foil webs
Foil feed systems running both in-line with, and across, the substrate running direction ensure a decisive reduction in foil consumption, and permit completely new foil usage calculations. Through the use of the transverse foil feed, a further working step can often be avoided, depending on the image layout of the web. In total the machine can be equipped by up to 11 foil webs to cover most demanding jobs allowing maximum flexibility.

7. Hologram application Technology
For the application of single-picture holograms and stripes for the security industry, Gietz is long established as a well-proven supplier of industry leading Technologies.

8. Core competence and service life
Since more than half a century, Gietz has focussed on foil stamping, and Gietz machines are first and foremost designed as foil stamping and embossing systems. User experiences with hundreds of machines have been consistently incorporated and integrated into their design. A Gietz is a Gietz: it foil stamps and embosses giving the highest quality, often for more than 20 years before requiring the first overhaul.

9. Price-performance Ratio
The very highest stamping quality, maximum production speed, extremely long service life and reliability. A Gietz machine is well worth its price.

10. Top products for professionals
Foil stamping machines from Gietz are recognized by printers worldwide as industry leading products from professionals for professionals.