Tray Forming Solutions

We provide professionally designed equipment for classic as well as for innovative and customer tailored conical trays - driven by the requirements of todays food and convenice markets.

Our experience in paper converting goes back to the middle of the last century. The first Gietz tray forming machines were produced in 1968 and were constantly improved to the present day.

The Gietz HTF tray forming machine range is designed for the gluing and forming of conical trays. The HTF processes all common types of cardboard and corrucated board. Printed blanks are glued and formed into tray solutions with or without lids, take-away boxes, hamburger clamshells and much more.

Tray Forming Machines

  • Take-Away Trays
  • Convenience Trays

Chip scoop

Hamburger clamshell tray

Popcorn tray

Leakproof take-away tray

Hinged tray

Flanged fruit and vegetable tray

Tray with lid

Simple Supermarket tray

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