SECUR 520 / 1100

The Distinctive

Optimal for the application of non-registered hologram stripes in web processing. The SECUR 520 / 1100 enables high quality production especially for low and high security applications as well as for other application areas in the Anti-Counterfeiting field. It can be customised to meet all market requirements.

Key benefits

  • High speeds
  • Number of foil webs on request
  • No foil waste
  • Foil web tension control
  • Equipment upgrading
  • Different substrates possible
  • Hologram application technology

Special Features

Foil feeding device

The foil feeding device consists of rollers, graduated bars and brake blocks. There is a specific reference numbering to position the foil, starting from the unwinding section and reaching to the hot foil stamping unit. This system allows perfect stripe application in the longitudinal substrate web direction. Additionally, an electronic web guide system allows perfect alignment between the substrate web and the hologram stripe.

Hologram application

A rotary system carries out the hologram stripe application. Foil and substrate web are constantly unwound. The foil tension of each hologram foil web is individually adjustable. A special pressure wheels system allows maximizing the applicable number of foil webs.

Pancake or criss-cross bobbin runnable

The secure machines are able to run either Pancake or Criss-Cross bobbins. Criss-Cross bobbins allow a high production output due to the high amount of foil meters on the roll. Both kinds of foil reels are precisely controlled when feeding into the machine.

No foil waste

The stripe transferring takes place both for metallised and demetallised holograms across the whole length and the whole width of the foil surface. Immediately after the application, a suction unit removes the foil carrier film waste and thus the final product is ready for the next production step.

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