Opening of the Gietzeria

After three months of renovation work, our Gietzeria is now open, offering employees a space for lunch breaks, the Gietz events and much more.

In the lounge with tables, chairs, a modern equipped kitchen, a screen and daylight, the breaks can be used in a relaxing way and lunch can be spent together with work colleagues. By socializing and exchanging information and news, it positively strengthens the sense of togetherness and the working atmosphere.


The entrance area stands out with the large blue and white Gietz lettering. The front door was also labeled.


But where did the name Gietzeria come from?

The name was chosen by a poll of all employees. Many creative ideas came together, but in the end "Gietzeria" won.


The wardrobes and bathroom facilities have also been renovated and equipped with modern facilities to meet the needs of the employees.


Many thanks to the great organization and implementation.

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