Hot Foil Stamping

Hot foil stamping - both flat as well as combination foiling & embossing - boosts the value of print and packaging products. We supply our customers in the print and packaging industry as well as the folding carton industry with the highest level of foil stamping technology machines. We offer machine equipment for the sheet and web fed processes.

In print finishing or embellishment such as hot foil stamping, machines with the flatbed technology provide the most advantages. The Gietz flatbed technology was first and foremost developed for the hot foil application process, whilst other systems found in the market are mainly converted die cutting technologies.

Flat hot stamping

With flat hot stamping we manage lustre visual effects, which reinforce brand image. Unique colours, particularly realistic metallics such as gold and silver, are not easily achievable with other printing methods. Gietz foil stamping machines achieve the most competitive foil stamping in quality, precision and efficiency.

Textured hot stamping

Textured or structured hot stamping surpasses other applications with its richness of detail. Interesting matte or gloss effects are achieved by combining raised and recessed imageries.

Relief hot stamping

Relief hot stamping (combination foiling and embossing) combines tactile sensations with contrast and gloss. This enhances the viewers' perception of the product. Our Gietz machines transfer the hot stamping foil and impress the substrate in a single sheet pass. Our machines not only save time but also achieve perfect registration.

Surfaces & Substrates

Our machines are even able to perform hot foil stamping on difficult surfaces/substrates. Due to the adjustable stamping pressure and temperatures, the right operating conditions are easily found on a Gietz.

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